Started Dogs

Our started dogs have been with our professional trainers for several months. They begin their training at 8 weeks old.

Our started dogs will have the following training:

  • Heal and sit
  • Mark singles
  • Force fetched
  • Collar conditioned

Before these dogs are transitioned to the Finished level, some will be taking cast.

Currently we have several puppies and young dogs in this category.


The pricing for started dogs will be the puppy price, plus $1,000 for each month of training, plus $500 to cover the cost of transport to the trainer.

Mostly likely these dogs are being trained in Missouri, Texas or Maine. Buyers will be responsible for shipping expenses.

Since these pups and young dogs are out of National Field Champions, Field Champions that are proven sires, their prices start at around $7,500 and go up based on pedigree, amount of time in training, and ability.

We encourage buyers to keep dogs with the trainers until they are ready to be hunting partners, derby prospects, and fully trained dogs.

Currently we have 10 dogs in the started range, and prices range from $5,000 to $12,000. Call for availability (207) 542-1485.