Shipping Costs

The shipping information below is effective as of March 1, 2019 and is subject to change at any time.


Crates and attached bowls:

All puppies and dogs will be shipped in new airline approved crates. The cost is $65.00

Health Certificate for airline:

The fee for a Health Certificate as required by the airline is $55.00

Travel to the Airports:

Portland – $150.00

Boston – Minimum $800.00 plus airfare


With new Airline shipping regulations, 8 week old puppies can be shipped normally within 2-3 days after purchasing with American Airlines. We can not fly puppies over 4 months of age.

Currently, we are only able to ship large dogs with United Airlines out of Boston and their new rules require 5 days advance scheduling. Please plan on 7–10 days to coordinate this.

Ground Trucking by the “Gun Dog Express”

In most circumstances, we can have your puppy or dog shipped directly to you in an air conditioned van. Occasionally customers may have to meet at a predetermined location.

The Gun Dog Express is available to us for pick up, once a month in Portland or Scarborough, Maine. They will deliver to you for $500.00.

Gun Dog Express does not deliver to the West Coast. They drive from North Dakota to Texas, then to the East Coast. There are other companies available to ship to the West Coast. We can help coordinate shipping. Rates are much higher for ground shipping to the West Coast.