Stud Service Agreement

Requirements to breed to a Mill Pond Retriever male:

  • AKC registration
  • OFA Certificate
  • CNM and EIC testing is required to Breed to Mill Pond Retrievers if status is unknown.
  • Brucellosis test completed within 14 days
  • Health records with all shots updated are to be brought with the bitch at the time of breeding.
  • A payment of 1/2 of the stud fee that is advertised, is due when the female is picked up.

We will try to breed your female twice within 48 hours. If there is at least one good tie, then the breeding will be considered complete.

Boarding fees are $25 per day for overnight stays for females left more than 2 days.

A minimum of 3 puppies are considered a litter. The remaining 1/2 balance of the stud fee will be due within 14 days after the litter is born. Registration papers will not be approved for AKC without payment.

If less than 3 puppies are born, Mill Pond Retrievers will provide another breeding within 18 months of the last breeding.