Title Explanations

What do all the titles mean? Below is an overview of some of the hunting titles you may see in pedigrees on our site.

NOTE: This is a BRIEF overview of the titles. We have provided links at the end of each section, if you would like more detailed information.

American Kennel Club (Field Trials)

Field trials are much different then hunt test in that all the dogs are competing against each other in a test. (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place & JAMs are awarded.)

There are 2 categories of Field Trials: OPEN & AMATEUR

OPEN Titles

  • NFC – National Field Champion
  • FC – Field Champion


  • NAFC – National Amateur Field Champion
  • AFC – Amateur Field Champion

Non-Titles (seen at the end of names)

  • QAA or QA2 – Qualified All Age – A dog has passed enough qualifying (and has points) to compete in the OPEN or AMATEUR Trials

To Find out more about the AKC Field Trials please visit the American Kennel Club.

American Kennel Club (Hunt Test)

  • MNH – Master National Hunter — have to pass the Master National 3 times to earn title. If a number follows the title (MNH4 or MNH5) that particular dog passed the National the # of times.
  • MH – Master Hunter — Top level AKC title
  • SH — Senior Hunter — Intermediate Level Hunt Test
  • JH — Junior Hunter — Entry level Hunt test

Note: Some dogs may have the title MNR, which is also a major accomplishment. It is awarded by the Master National Retriever Club to dogs that have passed the Master National 2 times. This is a “club” title and not part of a dog’s pedigree. For more information please visit Master National.

If you want to find out more about the American Kennel Club Hunt tests, visit the American Kennel Club.

United Kennel Club (Hunting Retriever Club)

UKC Bases has a points based system. Along with specific levels of tests. This is why you may see “Honorable 500 points club” at the top of some dog’s pedigree page.

  • GRHRCH – Grand Hunting Retriever Champion — Top level UKC/HRC level title
  • HRCH – Hunting Retriever Champion — Finished Level Hunt test
  • HR — Hunting Retriever — Seasoned Level Hunt Test
  • SHR — Started Hunting Retriever — Started level Hunt test
  • UH — Upland Hunting Retriever

What to find out more about the United Kennel Club (Hunting Retriever club)? Visit United Kennel Club or Hunting Retriever Club.

Other Titles you may see

  • CNFC – Canadian National Field Champion
  • CFC – Canadian Field Champion
  • FTCH – Field Trial Champion (this is a UK title)