Puppy Prices

All of our dogs are from bloodlines that are famous across the country. All of our pups are bred to be genetically sound, intelligent, and great companions.

Our prices are based on the pedigree, the parents’ titles and accomplishments, the stud fee that we have to pay, and the cost to do the breeding. Many of our breedings are done artificially with frozen semen.

Parents Puppy Cost
Non Titled Sire bred to Non Titled Female $1500
One MH or QAA titled parent $2000
Both Parents QAA or MH $2500
FC Sire bred to MH or QAA Female $3000
NFC Sire bred to MH or QAA Female $3750-$4000

Occasionally, we have special breedings that take place from the top sires of all time.

Call for more information. To download the Puppy Deposit Form, click HERE.