Information On Legacy Breedings

Our Legacy semen is stored in various sites around the country. Some of it is available for purchase, and some of it is for our own use with our females.

We are always in the market to purchase semen collections, as well as list collections that are owned by others.

People looking to purchase a breeding:

We will assist you in buying good quality breedings and offer advice on selecting a good reproductive specialist for the procedure.


Prices on breedings does not include the cost of shipping from the storage facility to you vet. Shipping fees vary.

Listing your breedings with us:

Not only do we advertise with our website, we advertise with links to our site from other web sites, Facebook, and several publications.

Our fee for selling your breeding is 10% of the semen cost or a minimum of $200.00.

We will coordinate the shipping, collect the money, and pay you by Zelle, Venmo, Credit Card or overnite check for the semen.