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Field Trial & Hunt Test Bloodlines
Field Trial & Hunt Test Bloodlines
Located in Midcoast Maine

David & Melanie Eaton

Training Fees

Puppy training:
$600 per month
Crate training, house breaking, and socialization

Basic training:
$750 per month
Healing on and off lead, force fetch, and collar conditioning

June 1 until Dec 1
Started gun dog training:
$750 per month
$15/ per live flyer
Steady to shot, marking, retrieving and delivering to hand
Working both in the water and on land, on and off a stand

Advanced gun dog, hunt test, and field trial training
$750 per month, plus hunt test fees, field trial entry fees, and event handling fees
$15/ per live flyer
Teaching and advancement in multiple land and water marks, and blinds

Dec 1- June 1
We will be taking a winter trip to a warmer climate.
A surcharge will be divided equally to help cover the expenses.

Training days:
We will be offering training days to clients and others who want to train with us. There will be a limit of 2 dogs per client or friend. Our regular daily training routine will include different set ups for all training levels. There will be days when we will be training specifically for Master tests and QAA trials. Clients and friends are expected to help man wingers and set up.

Costs for training days:
A small fee will be charged for the bird boys and the rental of grounds if we are not using our own property. Bird orders need to be placed 3-4 days in advance. Payment is expected the day of training for friends who are not regular clients.

Dogs that stay at our kennel:
Dogs that stay at our kennel are covered by our insurance for loss only up to $12,500. Dogs valued at more than that will be covered individually, and any additional charges will be the responsibility of the customer. All customers must present a complete up to date vaccination report from their vet. All dogs will be vaccinated when due, and customers will be responsible for all costs as billed. Trips to our local vet will be billed @ $25.00 for our time and travel. Heart worm and tick medicine will be given the first of each month and will be billed at our cost.

Invoices will be sent out the first of each month with payment due no later than the 10th of the same month.

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