Blue Water’s Babe II QA2

Blue Water’s Babe II QA2

Babe's Info

  • Sex: Female
  • Color: Black
  • EIC: Carrier
  • CNM: Clear
  • Elbows: Normal

Other Points of Interest

Babe is a sister to NFC Robber's Stray Bullet, NDC AFC Luke and several other FCs and AFCs.

She has 8 Amateur Points including a win and third.

We will be competing with Babe in hopes of getting her AFC and or her FC title.


Blue Water’s Babe II QA2

  Code Red QAA
 FC AFC Code Blue (2000 Hall of Fame)  
  Nikcoal of North Boundary
FC AFC Creek Robber (2012 Hall of Fame)   
  FC AFC Wilderness Harley To Go 2003 Hall of Fame
 FC AFC FTCH Fishtrap Debbie Does Ducks  
  FC AFC Fishtrap Aggie
  2x-NAFC 2x-CNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac
 '03 NFC AFC FC Five Star General Patton  
  HRCH Dust Devil's Desert Duk MH QAA
FC AFC Pattons Blazen Abby MH   
  FC AFC Fox Hollow's Little Buddy
 Field Of Dreams Blaze Of Sun QAA  
   Wrobel's Today I'm Josie MH